Chiayi night market Guide : What you can Eat at Carrefour Night Market ?

Chiayi night market is a place where you can have street food and enjoy the games as well. There are two night markets that visitor uaually visit it. And Carrefour night market is one of them which well known its Street food.

Food to eat  will turn into the most interesting topic while you are planning to visit Taiwan. There are plenty of street food around Taiwan and Chiayi as well. Actually, the turkey rice is top1 dish to eat in Chiayi. However,night market is the place which you can not miss it while you are in Taiwan.Therefore,I am going to share the Carrefour night marketing with you and let you know what you can eat at the Carrefour night marke.

Where is Carrefour Night-market ?

Chiayi must eat foodCarrefour Night Market is beside the Carrefour supermarket which is easy to visit by taxi cuz the transportaion is not convenient as you thought.

Carrefour Night Market 
Opening hour
Tuesday – 
Thursday : 18:00~23:00
Friday – Sunday : 18:00~00:00
Monday off
No. 467 section2 
boai road East dist. Chiayi city 
Facebook of Carrefour Night Market 


Carrefour Night-market – Food court

Taiwanese BBQ(炭烤)
Sweet potato ball(地瓜球)
Deep fired chicken wing(旺師豆乳雞)
Huge octopus ball(炸彈燒)
*Braised snack
Sugar cane(甘蔗汁)
Mongolia BBQ(蒙古烤肉)
Radish&Stinky tofu(蘿蔔糕)
Hot pot(火烤兩吃)


Carrefour Night-market – play ground



Carrefour Night-market – Food court

Chiayi Food to eat

the gate of Carrefour night market

Taiwanese BBQ

家樂福夜市There are two Taiwanese BBQ shop located in front of the gate of Carrefour night market.

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Sweet potato ball

Chiayi night market地瓜球:一份二十,三份五十。

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Deep fired chicken & chicken wing

嘉義夜市美食Deep fired chicken is definitely our favorite food ever. You will notice the shop everywhere in Taiwan but at this night market you can have as well. But in this shop, It tasty a bit different cuz the ingredients are not actually same. They add special element into the meat so that taste juicy and sweet.
Price : one for NTD 13,two for NTD25。

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Huge Octopus ball

Chiayi night market

Price : NTD45 and NTD50 depend on what flavor you order

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night marketPrice : NTD20~NTD60

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Braised Snack

Chiayi night market food to eatPrice : Above NTD10 each。

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Sugar Cane Juicefood to eat chiayi

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Mongolia BBQ(蒙古烤肉)

night market taiwan

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Radish cake(

Stinky tofu and radish cake

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Hot pot&BBQ

night marketThis is the place where you can have a traditional hot pot or BBQ .
Price:Hot pot and BBQ for NTD180 ; Hot pot only for NTD150

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Taiwanese Steak

taiwan food

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taiwanfoodrecommendPrice:1 for NTD20,3 for NTD50。

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Carrefour Night-market – play ground

Shooting machine IMG_1388.jpg





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