Chiayi food Guide Of East Market : must eat dishes in chiayi taiwan

chiayi food

part of traditional market

Eating is the best way to immerse the culture.

Chiayi food is not only famous as turkey rice also you can discover the local Chiayi food in the East market once you are in Chiayi.

As we know, Traditional Market is a place which help us to experience the local  cultures more than others and there are couple of traditional Market in Chiayi. Don’t miss it !

One of the popular market is East Market which not only provide the necessities also various marvelous Chaiyi food(or Taiwan food).

East Market also called as “the morning kitchen of Chiayi ” due to the food served mostly in the morning.

Let us have a look this busy market and see what we can get from this kitchen.

Where is East Market?

chiayimusttoestEast market is actually beside Chenghuang Temple (城隍廟Chenghuangmiao), which is one of popular temples in Chiayi. Take a look once you done the food tour.


Market address:Guangcai street and Zhongshan Road, East District, Chiayi City, 600

How to go to East Market?

Due to the rush hour, I recommend that you better visit there on your foot or by cycling. It is much easier to find a park lot. And it won’t take long to walk around the chiayi city.(what I mean is if you stay in the main area, it is not far from the hotel.)

However, if you have mobile you still can find a car park nearby.

Car Park Information

Must to eat dishes in Chiayi East Market

IMG_8893.jpgˊEast Market almost run 100 year.

1.Beef offal soup(王家牛雜湯Wangjia niu za tang)

chiayifoodNameWangjia niu za tang
Opening hour6:00~13:00Monday off

Beef offal soup is the popular dish you have to try it which cooking with heart, lung, tripe, and normally, we have it with rice.

More Information:Food to Eat in Chiayi-Beef Offal Soup(Wángjiā niú zá tāng)

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2.Rice Tube pudding(袁家筒仔米糕Yuan jia tong zi mi gao)

chiayifoodNameYuan jia tong zi mi gao
Opening hour6:00~14:00Tuesday off

What you can eat?
Rice Tube pudding
Deep fried Pork ribs

3.Taiwanses Tangyuan
(東市國棟湯圓粉條冰Dong shi guo dong tangyuan, fentiao bing)

IMG_8998.jpgnameDong shi guo dong tangyuan, fentiao bing
Opening hour06:30–14:00

What you can  eat?
Taiwanese Tangyuan
Vermicelli ice
sweet rice cake

4.Minced pork rice(東市魯熟肉Dong shichang lu shu rou)

IMG_8968NameDong shichang lu shu rou
Opening hour08:30-16:00

What you can eat?
Minced pork rice
four tonics soup

5.Star fruit juice(東市楊桃冰)

chiayifoodNameDong shi yangtao bing
PriceNT25(L) ; NT20(M) ; NT15(S)
Opening hour07:30–17:30

What you can eat?
Star fruit juice
Star fruit juice with soda   

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