Night market will be found each city in Taiwan. As we know, Taiwan have a lot of delicious food so that tourist also like discover foods as much as they can. Even though some nice food for the foreigner make them sick, this post is going to tell you what sort of the nice food  which made tourist feeling bad however, wish you willing to challenge it.

Wenhua Road Nightmarket is the one of the most popular place in Chiayi. Therefore, lets take a small trip to the paradise. To see how we treat ourself by eating street food. You will know how the youth people spent their time with their friends. Or You might be find out the most delicious food you never had.  Anyway, you are going to have the enjoyable moment.

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What dishes might Terrifying You in Wenhua night market?

stinky tofu

taiwan night market

 Location:No. 375, Zhongzheng Road, East District, Chiayi City
Opening hour:14:00~01:30(off sometimes)

Blood pork cake


 Location:No.134 Wenhua road , District, Chiayi City
Opening hour:14:00~01:30 (off sometimes)

Stir-fries escargot

 Location:No.134 Wenhua road , District, Chiayi City
Opening hour:15:00~23:00(off sometimes)




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