Traveling To Alishan From Chiayi? Here Is Informations for you|Dannypingu

Traveling To Alishan From Chiayi? Here Is Informations for you|Dannypingu

chiayi to alishanWhen people mention the Alishan,they WOULD probably talk about Alishan National Scenic Area. Becacse Alishan is consist of other mountains and places. Not only is Alishan known for its sea of clouds as well as sacred trees but sunrise too. A trip to Taiwan is incomplete without a visit to Alishan.

Here you need to know about Alishan

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As a matter of fact, Alishan’s popularity is not only contained within foreigners but among locals as well. One of the lovely things about Alishan is that Temples, Fenchifu, Danayiku (aboriginal tribe) and they likes may be found along the way , therefore tourist may take a short stop to indulge in Taiwan’s culture.(apparently you need a car or transportations )

Alishan derived its name from the Chinese word “Shan” which means “mountain” since it is located in between Taichung and Tainan.

When to Visit Alishan


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How to Get to Alishan

triptaiwanUpon you are in Chiayi, you have some options to get to Alishan. However, there is only one route(Provincial highway 18) to visit there from Chiayi. Three kinds of transportation like Train,Bus and the Taxi could be selected and show you around this beautiful place,Alishan.

Train To Alishan

chiayi to alishan
Due to the typhoon had been destroyed the rail-road a lot, nowadays,you only can take the forest train from Chiayi city to Fenqihu station or at Alishan National Scenic Area. Generally speaking ,there are not many trains run to the Fenqihu apparently , it only set off at 08:30/09:30 a.m on the weekend and 09:00 a.m on the weekdays from Chiayi station.(travel time: 2hr 20mins) it is better to book the train ticket before two weeks in advance.(the ticket will sell out soon) Check the timetable before you starting off>>Alishan Forest Railway Timetable
What if you decide to take the train to Alishan , just one thing I have to mention that the train will just stop at Fenqihu station. It means you could arrange a couple of hours to discover Fenqifu which has famous Taiwanese Bento and nostalgic street,On the other hand, you better to the check the time of transfer bus to Alishan first.(actually , bus to the Alishan at 11:30/12:50/14:00 from Fenqifu, cost around NTD100 travel time:1hr)

How to Get the Train ticket ?

  • In person
  • Online

Bus To Alishan

IMG_8435 拷貝.jpgBus is the cheapest transportation to the Alishan,hence, the most tourist will select bus as their transportation.(travel time:2hr30mins around NTD250 one way) Pick up point located at many place during the way to the Alishan.However,my suggestion is get on the stop which is near the central of Chiayi.

  • Bus From Chiayi County Daya station(terminal)

This is the terminal station of Chiayi county bus.The first ride will start from 5:50 and 13:55 is the last chance for you to up to the Alishan.(travel time:2hr 35 mins; fee:NTD245)Purchase ticket at the counter is possible.

  • Bus From Chiayi train station

This is the nearest stop you can drop on near the Chiayi city.(this is the reason why I suggest that you better to find a room near the station) The schedule from Chiayi train station is 6:05/7:05/8:05/8:35/9:05/9:35(pass by Fenqifu)/10:05/11:05/12:05(pass by Fenqifu)/14:05. It is 10 mins gap compare with terminal station. Even though, you have to buy the ticket first , they don’t sell the ticket to the guest at all. Don’t worry I will tell you how to buy the ticket later.

How to Get the bus ticket ?

  • Where to Buy The Bus Ticket(Uphill)

Purchase the ticket from the FamilyMart convenient store at least one day before you start off.(Please ask the Staff how to use the Famiport which is kind of the ticket machine.)Or,directly to buy ticket at the Chiayi bus station.(Chiayi County Bus DaYa station)

  • Where to Buy The Bus Ticket(Downhill)

Downhill Bus ticket will be sell at the 7-11 convenient store. You will definitely find it when you drop off at the Alishan.(only one 7-11 there and remember the last ride is 17:10 to Chiayi train station so that please make sure you have the seat.)

Taxi To Alishan

Taxi fare is the highest transportation to Alishan. you could find the taxi stop in front of the chiayi station but I am not sure that could they speak inEnglishor not.


.Decide how many places you would like to visit.
.Arrange the time for your visiting and buy the ticket.
.Make sure you have the ticket back to the Chiay city.
.Ask the trekking information from the tourist center in advance.(on the mountain)
Grab Supplies with your trekking such as water, cookie etc.
Bring your warm cloths due to the weather could be change quickly on the mountain.

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  1. Hi, thank you for the information. I would like to ask whether it is possible to buy a downhill ticket from Alishan to Chiayi in advance e.g. in Chiayi?
    And one more question, is there a direct bus from Fenquihu to Alishan at 12:50?

    Thank you!


    1. Hello, Joanna

      If you’d like to buy the downhill ticket in advance, you can go to the Daya terminal station or Family mart (kind of the convenient store which easy to be found).

      Yes, there is a direct bus from Fenchifu to Alishan at 12:50 and just pay it when you get on the bus.

      Hope this information help you well.



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