Alishan Tour- Longyin Temple,Chukou

Longyin Temple is a place which located at Chukou.  When you up to the Alishan, I will recommend that you could drop off here for a while and also visit this temple or  grab some snack. Because after Chukou town,you will take more than one hour to arrive next town.Hence,It is better to take a rest and explore this area if you could.  Anyway,let us see what the Chukou is via this Website.

  • Alishan Tour-Explore Longyin Temple

AlishanWelcoming Statue stand in front of gate of the Family mart and Eternity Suspension Bridges. AlishantourAlishan transportation 대만Alishan tourguildAlishan guildchiayi attractionFestival of the temple 아리산

  • Alishan Tour-Eternity Suspension Bridge

chiayi tourOne of the  Eternity Suspension Bridges. 가는 방법 Another Eternity Suspension Bridge just behind the temple.

  • Alishan Tour-Street Food.

chiayi attractionAboriginal Street food

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