Alishan Tour at the Alishan area |Dannypingu

The first day we spent most time at Danayuku and Feqihu.The second day, we woke up at early morning and up to the top of mountain for the sunrise.

This is our route below:

Day 1:Longyi temple>>Danayiku>>Fechifu>>Accommodation

Day 2:Accomadation>>Alishan scenic area>>Lucnch@Chiay suburb>>share-house>>night market

Day 3:traditional market>>city tour>>night market

Day2 Alishan tour

  • Alishan scenic area

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IMG_7264This train was heading up to the Chu-shan(the main place for the sunrise)

IMG_7261Everyone just were waiting for the sunrise on the top of mountain.

IMG_7273IMG_7324After the sunrise,we walked down to the other places to enjoy the Phytoncide and trails

IMG_7311Those trees are over thousand-years-old.

  • Restaurant

IMG_7379After 5 hours hiking, we had a lunch at this Local Taiwanese roast chicken restaurant.

IMG_3352 拷貝IMG_3356IMG_6041This has been really amazing ever!! And we had a great experienced at this restaurant and just took a rest at the share-house this afternoon.

  • Wenhua night market

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After this meal, we continue to challenge other street foods at Wenhua night market.Almost spent all night here.


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