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Chiayi turkey rice is  definitely popular food in Taiwan.You can see many restaurants or vendors service turkey chicken rice on every corner so that you can have one easily.Because each shop has their own flavor of the chicken rice, people go for their favor tasty by their experience. So I am going to tell you the one of the popular shops here.It’s my top one as well.


Chiayi Turkey Rice × How to order?

Actually, the menu of this shop is just hand on the wall. If you would like to get the order,just ask the staff directly.(or staff will come to you)taiwanattraction1.Check the menu on the  board
This menu is just hand on the wall and price including. I am going to tell  you what the dish is from the right side marked NTD40 with red color.
Turkey Rice or Braised Rice(NTD40 each for take out)
Rice Sausage(small:NTD50;medium:NTD70;large:NTD100)
Steam Cake Sliced With Pork Blood Cake and Pork intestine Soup (NTD50)
Turkey Rice (NTD30)
Braised Rice(NTD30)
・Steam Cake Sliced Soup(NTD35)
・Mix Pork Blood Cake and Pork intestine Soup(NTD35)
・Pork Blood Cake (NTD30)
・Pork intestine Soup(NTD30)
・Offal Soup(NTD30)
・Laver Soup(NTD25)
・Pork Liver Soup(NTD20)
・Meat Ball Soup(NTD20)

2.Order in front of the count

Chiayi Turkey Rice

Turkey Rice


Steamed Cake Sliced Soup

As the photo shows I recommend this shop due to the rice sausage, steamed cake sliced soup which are their delectable dishes. You can try that food at the same time.It also turns up my regulation order when I visit here.(I come here more than twice a week)I recommend you must try those things here.

Opening hour:24hr everyday
Address:No. 148, Wenhua Road, East District,Chiayi City,

Enjoy your food journey.


Where to stay in Chiayi?

Alright,now matter what transportations you have taken.Welcome to Chiayi and hope you enjoy your trip well.
From now on you gonna to find a space for your stay-over,here is my suggestions for you. taiwan attractionThe price of accommodation can be found in each price level such as 5-star hotel or youth hostel for backpacker.
However, I highly recommend staying around Ren Ai or Wenhua area since it’s well located. Navigating through Chiayi is very convenient since it’s close to both the bus and train stations for your coming journey.(normally, tourist uphill at the morning for the first ride from the chiayi station)

chiayiTaiwanHence,search those area to fine one via .com or book my apartment directly from Airbnb


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