I am Danny.
I am Photographer.
I am Travel Addict.

Alishan tour

Nice to meet you. Welcome to my Blog.

I am a local who addict to traveling and photography.So far,I have been visited Australia,New Zealand and few south-western country like Philippine,Vietnam,Thailand,Cambodia.Also Japan is my favrite country due to the food and culture really attractive me.And I still eager to  explore more places that I havent visit yet.

What Is This Blog About?

This website is about the information of the traveling guild of Chiayi. As a local,I am proud of that I caon show your avournd Chiayi especially, turkey rice and Alishan.

There are other attractions worth you to visit it so that I am going to explore more and hopefully, this website  will help you to understand this place well.

If you got any question of Chiayi ,please feel free to contact me or leave your comment on this website.



Alright,now matter what transportations you have taken.Welcome to Chiayi and hope you enjoy your trip well.
From now on you gonna to find a space for your stay-over,here is my suggestions for you. taiwan attractionThe price of accommodation can be found in each price level such as 5-star hotel or youth hostel for backpacker.
However, I highly recommend staying around Ren Ai or Wenhua area since it’s well located. Navigating through Chiayi is very convenient since it’s close to both the bus and train stations for your coming journey.(normally, tourist uphill at the morning for the first ride from the chiayi station)

chiayiTaiwanHence,search those area to fine one via agoda.com/booking .com or research the local accommodation from Airbnb(or you can book my apartment directly)

Chiayi-yi Pick-up Service

By doing this,tourist who would like to explore more detail about this city but no idea how to start it.(language or transportations )Therefore,I provide customize pick-up service to the Alishan or any place you might be interesting of Chiayi.(The schedule could be arranged and flexible on your own opinion. )