Wenhua Road Night market is one of the most popular places in Chiayi. You definitely have to visit this place even you are not craving for street food.You still can see the culture about how the youth people spent their time with their friends. Or You might find out the most delicious food you never had. Anyway, you are going to have the enjoyable moment here.

So that let’s take a small trip to the to see how we treat you by eating street food.

On this page, you will get some information about the street food between Zhongshan Road and Zhongzheng Road at Wenhua Road Night market.If you were interested in some food, don’t hesitate to grab one.

chiayi night market

I always start my journey of Wehhua road night market form round-about side to the end of the road.

chiayi food

Round-abound is the iconic architecture of Chiayi city.

chiayi alishan

When you approach the night market, you will definitely know you are almost there due to the sign on the ground.  A big welcome to the all of the tourist.And we are going to start exploring the food of Wenhua night market.

Bake squid


狀元糕is made of the rice and


If you would like to try every tradition food at a time, then you can make it come true in this restaurant. It sells something like turkey rice, braized pork rice tube rice pudding and the other dishes you can commonly found in Taiwan.


I just choose the chocolate flavor donut on the corner of Wenhua Road and Zhongzheng Road.


Donut shop(they served 4 flavors of cheese, chocolates, strawberry,taro.)


Stinky tofu just next to the donut shop.Try it!! If you are here…



Fish head in Casserole is the another must to eat food when tourist come here.You will notice the restaurant full of the visitor all the time because of the flavor really awesome.


This sign is the about the restriction time of car or motorbike.It means this area is only for the pedestrian at 7:00-11:00 p.m. Hence, the tourist can really enjoy the night market without any disturb of the car.Nice policy. Isn’t it?


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