Chiayi Travel guide

Introduction Chiayi , Taiwan

Chiayi is located southern of Taiwan which between Taichung and Tainan. Chiayi city is not bigger than other city in Taiwan but still worth to visiting.  Actually, Chiayi city is small but quiet relaxing city. You can spend half day or even couple of days  to discover this city more.  Night-market and Early-market are two kinds of different places to taste the street food. In fact, if you are cafe brunch lover , Chiayi city also has plenty of feather shops in the alley . Some of them are old wood house which renovation by youth people so that immerse to the local cafe shop could be one of your to do list in Chiayi.   For sure, don’t forget Turkey rice and Alishan while you are in Chiayi.

How to arrive Chiayi

In Taiwan , train 、BUS、bus and THRS  is your option to visit Chiayi.

Places to stay in Chiayi

Restaurants and Street Food in Chiayi

Things to do in Chiayi

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Map of Chiayi