Get to Chiayi from everywhere in Taiwan

THRS、TRAIN and BUS are common transpirations in Taiwan which you can traveling around Taiwan with them. However,  the FaresTraveling timedrop off location is totally different while you come to Chiayi.

Where is the different?

Drop off location嘉義交通

Taking train to Chiayi will arrive main area of Chiayi(make sure you get off at Chiayi station) which you can get on the Alishan shuttle bus from here as well.

Taking Bus to Chiayi will arrive Chiayi bus terminal station which just beyond Chiayi train staiotn which 3 mins away on foot from Chiayi train station. (So they are basically in the same places.)

Taking THRS to Chiayi is a tricky due to it is not really in Chiayi main area. We call it Taipo city which about 20 mins away from Chiayi. if you come by THRS, you can get on free shuttle bus or taxi (NTD400) to Chiayi.

Traveling time and Fares 

THRS come with the highest price but it safe more time. However , it also depend on where your destine is. Hence , check the official website is way better.

Taiepi to Chiayi


Tze-Chiang:NTD598,3hr30min(Check it to Website)

Chu-Kuang:NTD461,4hr30mins(Check it to Website)

Local:NTD385,5小hr30mins(Check it to Website)

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U-bus:No.1618,One way ticket NTD420,Round tickets NTD800,Traveling time : abound 4 hr

Kou-kung:No.1834,One way ticket NTD420,Round tickets NTD800,Traveling time : abound 4 hr

Aloha:No.3888,One way ticket NTD520,Round ticketsNTD800,Traveling time :  abound 4 hr


Stander car:NTD1080,1hr27~43mins(Check it to Website)

Business Class seats:NTD1635,1小hr27~40mins(Check it to Website)

non-reserved car:NTD1045,1小hr27~40mins(Check it to Website)

Taichung to Chiayi:


Tze-Chiang:NTD224,1hr20min(Check it to Website)

Chu-Kuang:NTD172,1hr15min(Check it to Website)

Local:NTD144,1小hr47min(Check it to Website)

BUS : Traveling time : 1hr 40mins

U-BUS:,No.1618,Adult NTD170,Round tickets NTD320

KOU-KUNG:No.1870,Adult NTD190,Round tickets NTD35040mins

Ho-shin:No.7506,Adult NTD170,Round tickets NTD320


Stander car:NTD380,25~37mins(Check it to Website)

Business Class seats:NTD690,25~37mins(Check it to Website)

non-reserved car:NTD365,25~37mins((Check it to Website)

Kaohsiung to Chiayi:


Tze-Chiang:NTD245,1hr20mins(Check it to Website)

Chu-Kuang:NTD189,1hr51mins(Check it to Website)

Local:NTD158,2hr08mins(Check it to Website)


HO-shin:No.7502,NTD225,around 1hr30mins。


Stander car:NTD410,30~33mins(Check it to Website)

Business Class seats:NTD735,30~33mins(Check it to Website)

non-reserved car:NTD395,30~33mins(Check it to Website)

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