Alishan train ticket guide is about how to get Alishan train tickets. Since Alishan train booking system has been updated this April.(2019) I also updated my blog as soon as I can. Hence , the content of this article will let you know how to book Alishan train ticket correctly. Hope you could enjoy your trip in Chiayi , Taiwan.

Alishan train ticket – How to get it ?

alishan train ticket

On the homepage, it  shows General booking、Theme Train booking、Booking Management、Inquire Available Tickets and Pay online.

General booking:this is for most tourists who would like to get the Alishan train tickets.(click here)

Theme Train:Theme train has different event at each month. it is more like package tour.(click here)

Booking Management:For the person who would like to management his/her tickets.(canceling、edit、payment etc.)(click here)

Inquire Available Tickets:you can inquire available ticket in advance.

Pay online:you can pay on line and finish your booking. After you booking  the tickets , you NEED to pay the fee within 2 days. Therefore, pay it online is much easier.

*You have to claim the tickets at last 30 mins before Alishan train head off. 

▼Start from General booking and type in your personal information

Alishan train ticket guide | how to get Alishan train tickets?

▼Train No. depends on what date would you up to Alishan.

Alishan train ticket guide

▼The orange circle is Time-table link.

Alishan train ticket

What is the different between each Train No.?


No.1:09:00 everyday
No.3:09:30 on holiday


No.2:14:00 everyday
No.6:14:30 on holiday

▼When you select No.1 , you can also select “where would you get on/off” (what I mean is from – to box )

how to get Alishan train tickets?

In this section , if you are going to Fenchifu , then the number is9100.You can check others below.

9000:Chiayi train station

9010:Beiman train station

9100:Fenchifu train station

Wondering Alishan ? check those link below :

Alishan shuttle bus | where to get the tickets and bus station
Alishan Travel guide | Things you need to know about Alishan

▼Here, you can press No. 1 button if you are going to book return tickets or continue finishing your booking by key in the captcha.

how to get Alishan train ticket

▼Check your personal detail againAlishan train

▼Press confirm button

Alishan train

▼When the page shows like this , it means you have been booked sucessfully. Please remember your Booking referenceand pay the bill within 2 days. If you don’t finish the payment , you don’t get the ticket.Alishan ticket

▼After checking all the information. You can press “pay online” to finish payment directly or press “done” to pay it later.

Alishan ticket guide

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Alishan train ticket – pay on line flow

▼If you press “done” to pay it later and would like to inspect your ticket detail again.  You could check it via Booking management and get ready to pay the fee.

Alishan guide

▼Select your item and the meaning of  orange one is pay on-line.


▼Pay on-line page


▼Confirm your tickets and pay it.


▼pay by credit card 阿里山火車票

Where to Claim your ticket ?

▼Here is the place you can claim your ticket in Chiayi. In fact , you can claim your ticket at the each TRA in Taiwan. Don’t  forget that you have to catch your train ticket at least 30 minsbefore  train gone to Fenchifu.


Alright, I hope everyone will get the Alishan train tickets correctly and hope this article will help you well. If you have the other question , please leave you comment below. I will try my best. Thanks

I write this blog to the people who might interest in Chiayi, Taiwan. Therefore, if you have any question or need a help, please leave a comment below , I will reply as soon as possible.Btw, if your are looking for a nice place for your stay-over in Chiayi , it is so happy and alway welcome you guys to stay my place.  check my listing on Airbnb. 

Have fun!  Greeting from yucheng.

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