Alishan shuttle bus let me complete my Alishan trip easily. It is way cheaper than other transportations and easy to catch on.

What is Alishan shuttle bus mean ?

Taiwan shuttle busWhen I say Alishan shuttle bus, it actually means Taiwan shuttle bus which is a tour bus in Taiwan and basically driving around the tourism area in Taiwan. Everyone can visit popular attractions by Taiwan shuttle bus.  For sure, we took Taiwan shuttle bus to Alishan from Chiayi.

Taiwan shuttle bus route & time-table


Generally, there are 2 routes going to Alishan from Chiayi THRS station and Chaiyi train station called Alishan route A and route B.

Alishan route A :

From Chiayi THRS station (In Taipao) ; Price NT$278

Chiayi THRS station is in Taipao city which far away from Chiayi city around 20 mins by car. You can take bus No.7329 and No. 7329A.

1. No.7329 (direct to Alishan)

2. No.7329A  (via Fenchifu)

Alishan route B :

From Chiayi main station to Alishan ; Price NT$251

3.  No.7322C (direct to Alishan)

4.  No.7322D (via Fenchifu) 

Then, you can select which routes is much better for your Alishan trip.

Check Taiwan shuttle bus offical website for more information 


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According to the time-table , there are 10 shift going to Alishan and 2 of them will pass through Fenchifu from Chiayi train station. if you have a plan to visit it , you definitely must get on the right bus. For the return , the last shift is 17:10. 2018-12-17 上午12.23.07

From THRS , there are 4 shift heading to Alishan and 1 will go to Fenchifu.

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How to get the bus ticket?

1.Ticket on bus 

You can wait at the drop on point and just pay it on the bus. So far , Taiwan shuttle bus accept customer pay by cash、Icard and Ipass.

2.Pre-order ticket

For the tourists who would like to book bus ticket in advance , you can go through Chiayi daya bus station or Family Mart FamiPort . I will recommend that purchase the ticket via family port because it is easy to find and  operate it. You also can get the ticket directly from the staff.  If you want to get the ticket in counter then please via Chiayi daya bus station which address is No.635, Sec. 2, Daya Rd., East Dist., Chiayi.

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Bus to Alishan – Alishan shuttle Bus tour

When you arrived Chiayi station , cross the street and you can see the bu stop just on your right hand side.

The drive just take a little break for the customer who would like to go to toilet on the half way.

After 2 hr 20 mins , we arrive Alishan transport station which located beside 7-11 store and in front of the Alishan entrance.

In 7-11 store , you can buy your return ticket if you haven’t get it yet.  Also grab some snack for your coming hiking in the Alishan.

IMG_0575Get the Alishan ticket from the counter and start your trip. Don’t forget ask the bus diver to get a coupon, you will have special price of entrance ticket.

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