Introduction Chiayi , Taiwan

Chiayi is located southern of Taiwan which between Taichung and Tainan. Chiayi city is not bigger than other city in Taiwan but still worth to visiting.  Actually, Chiayi city is small but quiet relaxing city. You can spend half day or even couple of days  to discover this city more.  Night-market and Early-market are two kinds of different places to taste the street food. In fact , if you are cafe brunch lover , Chiayi city also has plenty of feather shops in the alley . Some of them are old wood house which renovation by youth people so that immerse to the local cafe shop could be one of your to do list in Chiayi.   For sure, don’t forget Turkey rice and Alishan while you are in Chiayi.


How to arrive Chiayi?

Places to stay in Chiayi

How to get around Chiayi?

Restaurants and Street Food in Chiayi

Things to do in Chiayi

Food to eat in Chaiy

Day Tours from Chiayi

Map of Chiayi


How to arrive Chiayi?

Once you arrived Taiwan, Most of the tourist enter Taiwan on either Taipei or Kaohsiung.
Chaiyi may be reached by bus, train or THRS from both cities. From Chiayi, you have the liberty to either climb the mountain directly or immerse yourself in the beautiful culture Chiayi has to offer.

Train、Bus or THRS ?

《Bus to Chiayi》

The cheapest and easiest transportation traveling to Chiayi is actually bus. And I would like to say Kuo-kuang bus is the company you should select cuz they provide English service on their website for the tourist . You will arrive at Chiayi bus station (also train station) and then please walk across the bridge to get the central of Chiayi.(3 mins on foot)

From Taipei

UBus:No.1618,One way ticket NTD420,round tickets NTD800,around 4hr。

Kuo-kuang:No.1834,One way ticket NTD420,round tickets NTD800,around 3hr 30 mins。

Aloha:No.3888,One way ticket NTD520,round tickets NTD800,around 4hr。

From Taichung

UBus:No.1618,One way ticket NTD170,round-ticket NTD320,around 1hr 40 mins

Kuo-kuang:No.1870,One way ticket NTD190,round-ticket NTD350,around 1hr 40 mins

Ho-hsin:No.7506,One way ticket NTD170,round-ticket NTD320,around 1hr 40 mins

From Kaohsiung

Ho-hsin:No.7502,One way ticket NTD225,around 1hr 30mins

《Train to Chiayi》

Railroad will bring you along the city-side to the countryside,espeically you will notice the difference between the high building to the farm field of  Taiwan.If you would love to experience how the railroad is , select the Chiayi station as your destination and check it out the time suit for yourself . Make sure you have a seat for your journey via: here are the information of the  train timetable.

From Taipei:

Tze-Chiang limited Express:NTD598,around3hr30mins

Chu-kuang Express:NTD461,around4hr30mins

Local Train:NTD385,around5hr30mins

From Taichung:

Tze-Chiang limited Express:NTD224,around 1 hr20 mins

Chu-kuang Express:NTD172,around 1 hr 15 mins

Local Train:NTD144,around 1 hr47 mins

From Kaohsiung

Tze-Chiang limited Express:NTD245,around 1hr 20 mins

Chu-kuang Express:NTD189,around 1hr 51 mins

Local Train:NTD158,around 2hr 08 mins

( Relative link:Taiwan railways time-tableTaiwan railways booking system)

《THSR to Chaiyi》

The destination is Taipo city not in the central of Chiayi so that you need to transfer to Chiayi city by the free shuttle bus or taxi(around 25mins).This is fastest way and actually , you can catch the Bus up to Alishan directly from here if you don’t want to stay over in Chiayi.

From Taipei:

Standard car:NTD1080,around 1hr 27~43 mins

Business car:NTD1635,around 1hr 27~40 mins

Non-reserved car:NTD1045,around 1hr 27~40 mins

From Taichung:

Standard car:NTD380,around 25~37 mins

Business car:NTD690,around 25~37 mins

Non-reserved car:NTD365,around 25~37 mins

From Kaohsiung

Standard car:NTD410,around 30~33smins

Business car:NTD735,around 30~33 mins

Non-reserved car:NTD395,around 30~33 mins

( Relative link:THRS Booking system)

Where to Stay in Chiayi city

Chiayi cityThe price of accommodations is too wide to explain it , however you could find in each price level such as 5-star hotel or youth hostel. If you are looking for a good location for your stay-over, then I would like to recommend staying between Ren Ai or Wenhua road area due to the location is very convenient to navigating through Chiayi on foot since the attractions of Chiayi is near those places. It’s also close to both the bus and train stations for your coming journey.

You could find your ideal hotel via、Agoda 、Airbnb and so on. Or you can check the hotel which I recommend below:my listing on Airbnb 

Top3 Youth Hostel

►AN LAN JIE HOSTEL:|agodaBookingCheck Price
►Chiayi Petite Hostel:|agodaBookingCheck Price
►Light Hostel:|agodaBookingCheck Price


Hotel at good location(near Wenhua night market)

►MAISON DE CHINE:|agodaBookingCheck Price
►Orange Hotel :|agodaBookingCheck Price
►Lan Kwai Fong Garden Hotel:|agodaBookingCheck Price

How to get around Chiayi


Rent a motorcycle is ideal option for your visiting because the attraction is a bit far if you would like to tour all of them. Renting place is just located in front of Chiayi train station. When you arrive Chiayi , you will notice some of the motorcycle shop around train station. Process to those shop and check your package.  Normally , the price is 200 per day and you need to provide your national licence for renting.

・Taiwan shuttle Bus

Ruote 66 – Guanglinwojia (光林我嘉) is a city tour bus that driving around at the Chiayi attraction such as Chiayi train station、Wenhua road 、Chenghuang temple、Hinoki Village、Prison museum、Chiayi park、Lantan Reservoir which almost pass through all the attraction of Chiayi.

offical website: Ruote 66 Guanglinwojia Route

・On Foot

 Chaiyi Food guide and where to eat

Chiayi Best Food To Eat 

  • Turkry Rice –
  • Cold Noodle With Mayonnaise On Top
  • Oyster Omelet
  • Milk fish
  •  Casserole Fish Head
  • Beef Offal Soup
  • Shaved ice with brown sugar on top
  • Taiwanese pudding
  • Hand shake drinking shop

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Chiayi Traditional  market 

Chiayi Night market 

  • Wenhua night market – In the matter of fact , Wenhua market is almost open 24 hr What I mean is , you can have breakfast in the morning and night-market will start at 5:00 pm (depend on the shop) and running 7 days a week. They do have plenty of street food and some souvenir shop.  You will find things like stinky tofu、milk fish、beef noodles etc. 

Chiayi Brunch & Cafe 

  • Two hot Cafe
  • Amon cafe

Place to Visiting in Chiayi

  • Hinoki Village
  • Chiayi pak
  • Chiayi Planet park
  • Lantan Reservoir
  • Prison museum
  • Chenghuang Temple

Day Tour from Chiayi

  • Alisan
  • Fenchifu
  • Minxiong
  • Guanziling
  • Taiping suspension bridge
  • Dulishan
  • Xingang
  • Palace southern brunch


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