Alishan railway is one of reason why Alishan is a popular place to visit for locals and  tourists. Riding a forest train could lead you seeing the diversity of views along  the city、suburb and mountain to Alishan. Unfortunately , the forest train no longer direct to Alishan anymore but Fenchifu station. However, there still have many tourists come to visit Alishan. Nowadays, there are 4 Alishan railway routes you could ride. Let us check it out what is the special things to do via forest train in Chiayi Alishan.


Alishan railway – Routes & Fares

・Main Line
・Zhaoping Line
・Sacred Line
・Zhushan Line



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So far , there is 1 Alishan train line up to fenchifu station from Chiayi  station called Main line and 3 of others could be ride in the Alishan recreation area. Here are their informations below:

1. Main line

Route:Chiayi train station – Fenchifu station

Fare:NT 384


Ticket:Online、In counter

Attraction:Fenchifu Street、Fenchifu garage、Bamboo、Lunch box

How to booking Alishan ticket online: Alishan Forest Railway Ticket guide | How to get it ?

Transfer bus to Alishan from Fenchifu: Alishan Travel guide | Things you need to know about Alishan

Alishan railwayMain line is departure from Chiayi to Fenchifu station. At Fenchifu, you can stay over a night  or spent couple hours and then drop on transfer bus to Alishan.

Alishan railway ticketenjoy the nostalgic street and food at Fenchifu is a beautiful experience.

2.Zaoping line

Route:Alishan train station – Zaoping station



Ticket:In counter

Attraction:Zhaoping park、Sister pond、three generation tree 、Shou-zhen temple

Alishan forest trainZaoping line processe to Zaopping park and the other trails such as sister pond. The cherry blossom is also at this station.

3. Sacred line

Route:Alishan train station – Sacred tree station



How to get the ticket:In counter

Attraction:Sacred tree、Giant Trees Plank、No.28 Giant tree


Sacred tree line is the best route to see the Sacred tree, There are two trail routes around here and you can meet the most of the famous attraction.

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Alishan forest railway

4.Zhushan line

Route:Alishan train station – Zhushan station



How to get the ticket:In counter

Attraction:Sunrise、Mt. Ogasawara Viewing lot

If you are going to see the sunrise , then Zhushan line is the train you have to ride it. You can buy the ticket at the Alishan station or Chiayi station before a day you departure. They will launch the train time-table according to the sunrise , meanwhile we can purchase the ticket. Normally, it will start at 14:00~16:00.

Alishan train

I write this blog to the people who might interest in Chiayi, Taiwan. Therefore, if you have any question or need a help, please leave a comment below , I will reply as soon as possible. 

Have fun!  Greeting from yucheng.

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