Alishan Forest Railway Ticket guide is about how to get the train ticket online.  Even through the official website shows in Chinese only* ,I hope this page will help you book Alishan forest railway ticket correctly and have fun in Alishan.

*The official website have launched new version already, however you still can respect this page and see what information you can receive from here.

When we talk about Alishan,it actually means “Alishan Forest Recreation Area” which famous as sunrisegiant treesee of clouds etc.(where the tourist usually visit)  And Fenchifu is just one of the forest railway station of Alishan.

Nowadays, forest railway will drop off at Fenchifu station and tourist have to traveling to Alishan Forest Recreation Area by shuttle bus. Don’t get confuse with Alishan forest recreation and Fenchifu. They are in different locations. (Alishan Travel guide | Things you should know about Alishan)

The newest article has been launched Please check it here : Alishan train ticket guide | How to get Alishan train ticket ?

Alishan Forest Railway ticket online – Things You have to know

What type of train should I take?

Basically, there are 2 type of train up to the Fenchihu which called Alishn and Jungshing.

What is the different between Alishn and Jungshing ?

Alishn:It is possible to book online and seat reservation. (run at 9:00 everyday and 9:30 on holiday)
Jungshing It is Not possible to book online and No seat reservation. (run at 8:30 on holiday)

It means that if you would like to get the Alishan Forest Railway ticket online, only Alishan train for you which train number is NO.1 and No.3.

What is the different between train No.1 and No.3 ?

1.Alishan train No.1 departure at  09:00 everyday.
2.Alishan train
No.3 departure at 09:30 on holiday.

Travling hour:2 hour 20 mins

Alishan Train Ticket Online – Q&A

Q:When start to book?
A:15-day in Advance Tickets.(include the day you departure) and basic on Taiwan time zone.

Q:How many tickets could I get ?
A:Each passenger is only allowed to reserve 6 tickets

Q:When I have to pay it?
A:during 2 days (including the booking day) after booking the tickets

The newest article has been launched Please check it here : Alishan train ticket guide | How to get Alishan train ticket ?

Alishan Train Ticket Online Guide 

1.Check the link to the official website of Alishan forest railway (shows Chinese only)>>official website of Alishan forest railway
alishan train ticket online

Select your trip. (one way or round trip)

2.Personal information

For one way trip, you need : ID Number/ Passport Number、Cellphone Number、 Departure Date、Train Number 、Departure Station、 Arrival Station and Number of Passengers which shows on the photos above.

Just something need to know like, train number、 departure and arrival Station.
Train number1  means departure at 9:00 
Departure Station360 means Chiayi station
Arrival Station369 means Fenchifu station

What is the different between each Train No.?


No.1:09:00 everyday
No.3:09:30 on holiday


No.2:14:00 everyday
No.6:14:30 on holiday

3.Continue type in the code and press confirmation buttonAlishan Forest Railway ticket
4. Reservation has been made

When the page shows like this, it means that you made a reservation already. The website just ask you to collect your tickets at station no later than 2 days and complete online payment before specific date. But it is so hard to collect your tickets if you are not in Taiwan.

Actually , you just need to finish your online payment first and then correct your train ticket when you are in Taiwan.

Where to correct your train ticket?

Once you are in Taiwan yo can correct your at ticket box of train station, for sure , you need to get your ticket before the train heading to Alishan.(at least 30 mins)

5.Complete your online booking 

In order to complete your reservation , you need to remember your Passport Number and Booking number(booking code) for the online payment.

Complete your train ticket booking – Online payment

alishan train ticket online

Read the information carefully

The last step, you must finish the payment through online. In case of making mistake , there is an English version for you to check all the information.

alishan train ticket online

Typing your passport Number and Booking number(booking code)

Check the ID No.(passport number) and booking code(booking number)

alishan train ticket online

Finish the payment

Finish payment it and have fun.

The newest article has been launched Please check it here : Alishan train ticket guide | How to get Alishan train ticket ?


1.Book the forest railway train ticket in advance, If you would like to take a train.

2.Forest railway train will stop at Fenchifu station so that please take a shuttle bus to the Alishan Forest Recreation Area.

Wondering Alishan ? check those link below :

Alishan shuttle bus | where to get the tickets and bus station
Alishan Travel guide | Things you need to know about Alishan

3.Do not worry about make a WRONG reservation of your booking ; You can check your booking information when you browsing your online payment.

I write this blog to the people who might interest in Chiayi, Taiwan. Therefore, if you have any question or need a help, please leave a comment below , I will reply as soon as possible.Btw, if your are looking for a nice place for your stay-over in Chiayi , it is so happy and alway welcome you guys to stay my place.  check my listing on Airbnb. 

Have fun!  Greeting from yucheng.

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