Must Eat Food Chiayi – Popular Dishes and Where to eat?

Must eat food Chiayi means the most popular food or recommend to eat for the visitor (actually also locals). As we know , Chiayi is well known Turkey rice, however ,there are more yummy dishes to eat in Chiayi. 

Must Eat Food Chiayi

1.Turkry Rice

Must Eat Food Chiayi

Turkey rice is the one of must eat food Chiayi list while you are in Chiayi(no matter you head up to Alishan or not). You can find out so many turkey rice shops around Chiayi and all of them are in different flavors and price.

For locals, everyone has their own favorite  shop so that do not ask the question like ” Which one it the best?” They all have different tasty and fans. Hence, I think it is worth to explore your favorite one or check the link about “best Turkey rice I recommend”.

2. Cold Noodle With Mayonnaise On Top

food must to eat in ChiayiYou will notice that if you are going to try preserved egg(皮蛋豆腐) or Cold noodle which I just put it into my “Must Eat Food Chiayi list”.  We love to glaze some dishes with Mayonnaise and It gradually become a feature of Chiayi food.

Anyway, cold noodle is the other dishe you better to try it  once you are here.

Name: Er yatou mala liang mian(二丫頭麻辣涼麵)
Address:No. 170, Minzu Road, East District, Chiayi
Open Hour:Tue.- Fri. 08:00-21:00 ; Mon off
Ingredients:noodles、cucumber、carrot、sesame paste、peanut butter、soy sauce..etc

3.Oyster Omelet

Food to eat in Chiayi

NameZhenzhen Seafood(珍珍海產粥海產)
Address:Wenhua Road, East District, Chiayi(Wenhua night market)
Open Hour:Wed.- Sat. 22:00-04:00  Sun. 22:00-00:00 ; Tue. off
Price:NTD 60

ˋ4.Milk fish

Must try Food Chiayi


NameZhenzhen haichan(珍珍海產粥海產)
Address:Wenhua Road, East District, Chiayi(Wenhua night market)
Open Hour:Wed.- Sat. 22:00-04:00  Sun. 22:00-00:00 ; Tue. off

5. Casserole Fish Head

Food to eat in Chiayi

Name:Lincongming shaguo yu tou(林聰明沙鍋魚頭)
Address:No. 361, Zhongzheng Road, East District, Chiayi City, 600(Wenhua night market)
Open Hour:Mon.-Fri. 14:00-22:00 , Sat.-Sun. 12:00-22:00

6. Beef Offal Soup

Food to eat in Chiayi

Name:Wangjia niu za tang(王家祖傳本產牛雜湯)
Address:soup , ginger beef organ(East traditional market)
Opening Hour:6:00~13:00(Monday off)

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7.Shaved ice with brown sugar on top

Chiayi food recommendShaved Ice with brown sugar on top 

Shaved ice is the most popular dishes that we often eat in the summer. In fact, you can have shaved ice everywhere in Taiwan. However, there are around 10 kind of ingredients that you can select 4 or 6 of them(depends on the price)and add into you ice bowel and also adjust the amount of BROWN sugar. By the way, Sweet potato is super famous.

Name:Zán táiwān rén de bīng (咱台灣人的冰)
Address:No. 249, Lanjing St, East District, Chiayi City, 600
Open Hour:Sun. – Mon. 12:40-20:30

8.Taiwanese pudding

chiayi street food

Name:A e doujiang douhua (阿娥豆漿豆花)
Address:Wenhua and Yanping Street, West District , Chiayi City, 600 (Wenhua night market)
Open Hour:Mon.-Fri. 14:30-24:00 , Sat.-Sun. 13:30-24:00

9.Hand shake drinking shop

chiayi food to try

Name:Yu xiang wu (御香屋)
Address:No. 321, Zhongshan Road, West District, Chiayi City, 600 ( near Wenhua night market)
Open Hour:Wed.-Fri. 10:-20:00 , Sat.-Sun. 10:00-21:00 (day off : Mon. & Tue.)
Price:NTD 55

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